Why Performance Matters

Companies are failing to recognise the true impact a poorly performing website can have on their business. 

In this article I will give you three concrete business reasons why optimising your performance and load speed makes sense for your business.

When your website represents your brand or indeed sells your products and services you want to make sure that it delivers to the highest possible standard.

Part of that is obviously building a brand, selling products and services people want but at the same time if your website represents you, you really want to make sure that users engage and get the best possible experience from it.

While UX is crucial here the other metric is the site performance and load speed.

Why does this matter beyond it being representative of your brand? Well, let me give you 3 measurable reasons all of which can have a significant business impact.


    1. Reduce the bounce rate of your website

    The bounce rate simply represents the number of people that leave your site without doing anything. They simply bounce. Accepted metrics say that if your site takes more than 3 seconds then sites typically experience a 40% bounce rate.  This rate is obviously something you want to minimise.


    2. SEO Optimisation

    Put simply Google ranks sites that perform better and load quicker higher. While SEO is affected by many factors for the ones we know affect ranking you should do everything to get it right hence optimising performance.  Others include making sure your site is mobile responsive and making sure it is uses HTTPS. Both of which we can help you with at Offshorly partner WPSupportly.  Visit and chat to us.


    3. Increasing conversions

    Whether you are looking for your users to sign up for something, to begin a conversation or to sell a product and service the conversion rates you get are affected by the performance of your site or marketing landing pages.  According to a leading conversion marketing agency increasing your page load time from 3 to 2 seconds led to a 15% increase in conversions. There is a reason why large e-commerce platforms invest vast quantities of money to make sure that the sales process Is like lightening……it brings more sales

In Summary:

Performance gives you reduced bounce rates, higher conversions, better google rankings and happier customers.

With these 3 reasons, I think you can start to see why site performance and load speed are crucial for your business. Come and talk to us at WPPageSpeedly here or start by doing a free scan of your website below.  Please note our services are for WordPress websites only.