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    Why You Should Focus On your Page Load Speed in 2020


    of consumers expect a web page to
    load in 2 seconds or less.


    of people abandon a website that
    takes more than 3 seconds to load.


    reduction in conversions from a
    1 second delay in page response.

    Every website owner wants to improve their conversion rates and reduce their bounce rates. A faster website not only means your visitors have a better experience but are more likely to engage, after all no one likes a slow website. Page load speed is also an important determining factor in SEO ranking. By allowing is to improve your site speed you conveniently kill two birds with one stone!

    Need more background details?

    Performance matters because it reduces bounce rates, increases conversions and improves your SEO.

    How do we improve page load times ?

    As soon as we have the green light to proceed we will methodically work through the following steps to drastically improve the performance of your website leading to happier visitors, increased conversions and a better SEO ranking:

    • 1


      We will immediately create a backup of your site in the unlikely event we encounter any performance improvement issues.

    • 2

      Evaluation & Planning

      We will evaluate and benchmark your website for performance related issues in preparation to fix those that present the greatest impact on page speed.

    • 3


      Next we will get to work technically addressing these issues and performance optimising your site. This proccess usually takes one day to complete. It will not impact your sites uptime.

    • 4


      Don't worry, we'll be there via live chat or email during the whole process.

      Image optimisation

      Images usually have unnecessary data that is saved within the image. By removing this unnecessary data, you can save up to 80% of page load time on your website.

      Minification and deffered script loading

      Minifying HTML, CSS, and JS files will remove unnecessary white space characters which will improve page load time. Deffering unneeded JS files until it is needed can reduce the inital load time of your website.

      Caching - server and client

      Websites usually use the same assets(Images, Styles, etc.) and by caching these assets, navigating through webpages can reduce load time by reusing these cached assets.


      Enabling compression allows your web server to serve smaller file sizes which can make your website load faster.

      Lazy loading

      Enabling lazy loading for images, iframes, and videos can reduce the number of HTTP requests by loading all these as they enter the viewport.

    • Case Study - Dotty AR

      Dotty AR were preparing to launch a new thermal imaging device to help manage Covid prevalence and had created a new section on their website showcasing the product.

      Performance was poor, having recognised this they asked us to help.


      Very poor performance and a large page size - After a day of rigorous optimisation work we very much improved page size, load time and performance scores


      "The whole WP Supportly experience was fantastic. Super responsive, fast turn-around and the results speak for themselves. Great value for money. Couldn’t be happier." - Russell Considine – Director, Dotty Digital

    • Case Study - Front Row Education

      Front Row Education had noticed over time their site had become slower and slower. They were also getting security warnings and wanted us to look at Optimising their site and addressing vulnerabilities that had appeared.

      An initial evaluation showed only an average load time and performance score.

      After our PageSpeed optimisation we had improved the load time significantly and the Performance score was polished to an A grade, boosting SEO metrics and customer experience using the site.



      The following improvements were made: Optimised all images, Minimised CSS, JS and HTML, Lazy load images, Deferred parsing and combined JS, Updated WP core, Updated WP plugins

    • Case Study - Paddleproductions

      Paddleproductions came to us asking for help in improving their website performance.

      On initial speed testing using the website load time was 5.3 seconds. After we had spent a day optimizing the site we had improved the page load speed to only 1.46 seconds. This was a dramatic performance increase.


      Page load speed and size before optimization


      The following improvements were made: Optimised all images, Minimised CSS, JS and HTML, Lazy load images, Deferred parsing and combined JS, Updated WP core, Updated WP plugins

    • Case Study - Imagineer Consulting

      An innovator in the PropTech marketplace, Imagineer wanted to revamp the UX of their site. After a day and a half of our dedicated Optimisation work, the results speak for themselves.


      Page load speed and size before optimization


      Imagineer Feedback - 'A fantastic service and end result. My site went from a low Grade F 38% taking 16secs to load to a Grade A taking less than 3 seconds to load. Very impressed and great value! '

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